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Are you looking for a FREE Website with no advertising? Do you need an easy solution that does not require you to know or learn HTML or some other programming lanuguage? Do you want to go with a service that also provides training for free? You have found the solution here!
This free website service uses the WordPress platform and is created with Express set-up. I know many people say, “WordPress? I don’t want a blog! I want a website.” WordPress has become one of the top choices among website developers to build fully interactive performing websites. WordPress is more than a blogging platform – its a Content Management System (CMS)!

I have been using wordpress for over 8 years now and really don’t care to develop websites using any other software. These sites are easy to build and very easy to maintain. Because of the way WordPress is coded…you can focus on writing good content and sharing the content with others instead of getting bogged down with the details of website code.

If you have never built a website before, then you will not appreciate what WordPress has done to the web development community…I have built websites using the old HTML code.  I have also built using other platforms. I choose WordPress!

Let me introduce you to!

Free Websites hosted on the domain is a service provided by Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU). WAU is an online  business community set-up to help people get online and learn more about creating successful business websites and marketing plans. You can build a website for free like this one or get really creative like these examples of free websites from the service at WA University.

To get started its simple:

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